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In every worthwhile goals and projects there will always be a basic blueprint of doing it and working it. The rate of Success in our Business is always directly proportionate to our knowledge level, from what we have learned and how we put an actions on it.

There is no secret in building our UNO Business and everything was already given for us to follow to succeed. Here are the Basics of our business.
1. Explore and open the business kit/business package – read and familiarize yourself with the materials.

2. Watch the CDs. Browse and explore the Website. Seeing and Hearing is the highest rate of understanding the business.

3. Attend the Business Presentation and other trainings by the company, your upline and your organization.

4. Don’t rush up things even if you are excited, its better to equip yourself first. Spend time and mingle with your sponsor, immediate upline, team leader and most specially those who are succeeded in our business. Ask if its alright to have your upline/s contact number because these are the people who are willing to assists and help you to have a good start.

5. Dare to Dream! Enlist the things you want to have and be precise! Instead of having more money, it would be great to target exact amount (ex. P3,000 or P10,000 for the first week). As a starter, set a realistic and workable target income. Set a Goal for the short term, medium term and long term. Discuss your Dreams with your sponsor/upline. They are more than glad to have people like you.

6. Set your sight on your goals and enjoy every challenges that comes along the way. Always keep in mind that these are merely signs that you need to learn how to master our business and it’s a healthy signs that you are doing an important goals to accomplish. Success doesn’t come cheap.

7. Commit yourself and do whatever it takes to get your dreams. Commit in doing the business for 2 to 3 years. The Dramatic results in our business normally happens after a year or two though some our fellow distributors made it in 6 months time. But it requires work and dedication whether part-time or full-time.

8. Use and Share the products. share the business, share the vision and share why you are excited doing the business. Our business is more on sharing principle.

9. Be strong with your decisions and embrace your dreams. You are the only one who is responsible creating your dreams and no one else. Don’t mind anyone who will go against your business and will contradict your ideas no matter how good their opinions/advices are, it will only be you that are always responsible for your life’s outcome.

10. Read books or e-books, listen to self-help audios/videos, listen and learn from the successful people.

11. Believe in yourself, believe in your company, products, the network marketing industry, the business plan, your uplines/leaders and more than anything else, Believe in your Dreams!

May this article helps you and your team! Always make a habit of checking the basics of our business. Make it simple and duplicateable. Happy Networking and Enjoy the scent of success and it is within your reach!


Source: http://adf.ly/AvkY

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Anonymous said...

Don’t rush up things

this is the one that i likely most..

Anthony said...

Right, Reading Book or Ebooks are essential part of having Good Business, dapat talaga basa basa kayo, tip ko basahin nyo yung Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kyosaki..

Study Hard > Get High Grades > Work at Big Company

Study Hard > Get High Grades > Own a Corporation

POWER !! said...

be the Product of your Own Product,

Mikey Guiostavo said...

THANKS dito laking tulong para saking nag bbusiness,

Nikolaos Spanoudis said...

Learning is really a big part if you want to succeed in life. It doesn't stop at school. If you want to be the best in your field, continually search and learn from books, from peers, from your environment etc.

zionsonline.com.au said...

I’m really lucky and so glad that after surfing the web for a long time I have found out this information. .